Why choose AJC Wilson Bodyshop whether the accident is your fault or not.

Having any incident in your vehicle is stressful.

After making sure everyone is okay, studies show a few common things go through peoples minds:

Thought I must ring my wife/husband/loved one and tell them I’ve had a prang in the car.
Answer This is the first , best and most practical advice we give to all our customers
Thought I wonder how much it will cost.
Answer Depending on the nature and severity our fully trained technical damage assessors can usually give you on the spot figure, while we provide the coffee
Thought Will this affect my no-claims bonus?
Answer If the Claim is your fault and 60% of claims are non-fault, it will have no affect on any no-claims bonus you have built up. Ask us and we can offer some practical help.
Thought Will my premium increase next year?
Answer This is a common myth that many panic about and insurers are happy that people do. Most insurers do not penalise for one claim. If they do; shop around. All insurers are so hungry for your premium, many will slash their quotes to win business from their competitors. It pays to shop around, and it’s never been easier – see our links pages.
Thought Will I have to pay an excess?
Answer No not always. There are many ways around this and depending on your specific circumstances, there is almost certainly a way we can help. Talk to or email one of trained customer value team and we guarantee to give helpful, friendly impartial advice – even if you do not end up using us!
Thought - I must ring my insurance company and soon as can
Thought I must ring my insurance company as soon as I can
Answer stop, stop STOP! This is your car. You have paid your insurance premium, it is your choice we you have your vehicle repaired. Before you do anything; call us for friendly, knowledgeable impartial advice on what the best thing to do for you is.
Thought But my insurers say only we can give you a courtesy car
Answer WRONG! and with the one we provide, we’ll do our best to make sure it matches yours!
Thought But my insurers say we will need to send an engineer
Answer WRONG! with today’s modern communication methods, it’s all done via the internet with electronic text and images. We have the capability to ink with ANY UK insurer.
Thought But my insurers say we can get you a courtesy car sooner than your chosen repairer
Answer WRONG! most insurers have a “qualifying” period. We know of customers who have been without courtesy car provision for days or even weeks and had to make hundreds or expensive phone calls to off shore call centres getting nowhere. We can usually deliver a car to your door, free of charge the same day, of not the same hour.
Thought But my insurers say you’ll need three estimates
Answer WRONG! most insurers authorise over the phone if the claim is less than £500. If the claim is more, our trained assessor will electronically transmit the detailed breakdown of costs straight to the insurer within hours. No need for any delay

There are a number of good quality insurers in the UK, sadly there are some that are interested in one thing only – reducing the cost of your claim.

They do this in a number of ways, including using repairers who they “approve” but are not licensed or accredited by the UK standard administered by the British Standards Institute and Thatcham. They also sometimes instruct their repairers to fit non-genuine parts onto your vehicle. They have one aim – to save money, and that usually means cutting corners.

We do not believe that is right, morally, professionally or ethically.

We will always tell you what we’ve done and how we’ve done it – there are no secrets - nothing hidden. We are interested in one thing – restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident condition without compromise to quality or your safety. Ever!Our experienced, friendly helpful team are a call or an email away – even if you just want some helpful advice or reassurance; call us FIRST!