Green Car Body Repairs – We care for the environment

Most people are unaware that repairing a vehicle can have a detrimental effect on the environment.

At AJC Wilson Bodyshop, we take active steps to minimise that impact when carrying out accident repairs.

A good example of this is in the area of solvent usage. All vehicles need painting during the repair process and we use a Solvent Reduction Policy to reduce the harmful effects that volatile organic solvents (VOC’s) have on the atmosphere.

Damaged parts is another overlooked area - what happens to the damaged metal and plastic parts that are removed from you vehicle? At AJC Wilson Bodyshop, we use qualified waste carriers, along waste reduction techniques such as compacting and recycling. This reduces the amount going to landfill or ending up in even more environmentally harmful situations.

A third area often taken for granted is the packaging used on new parts. All the new parts fitted to your vehicle are bought from a Dealer and often “cocooned” in plastic, polystyrene, cardboard, and other non bio-degradable harmful containers. We ensure all this potentially harmful packaging is disposed of properly or even better, in the main, recycled.

We take our responsibilities to our local and the global environment seriously.

It’s your environment. It’s your choice. Choose the best!